Artech Systems Co. Ltd. was founded as a company offering a wide range of services for the design and implementation of software and hardware means in various industrial branches. Having great experience in the field of testing and development of adapted equipment, we perform numerous researches in order to introduce the latest and most effective methods for controlling devices of various purposes.

We are one of the few Russian companies that develops and mass-produces systems for testing cable products – Wire harness tester.

Your reliable partner in construction of controlling and testing systems

We are a reliable developer and supplier of test systems, switchboard equipment, modules, units for construction of complex testing solutions, trials, operation and automation of hardware and software for automated testing systems. The equipment has a high parameter of operational span and the company itself is interested in building long-term relationships with its customers.

Customised projects

Artech Systems Co. Ltd. provides its customers a wide range of solutions based on testers, adapters and additional technological equipment. If you are unable to find a device in the standard production line, our qualified specialists are ready to adapt the equipment for your project. Examples of such projects are installation test stands (ITS xx-xxx) for controlling and testing cable and harness products, where xx is the boundary test pressure, xxx is the quantity of control points.

Our experience and knowledge help to supply industrial enterprises with reliable equipment with low maintenance costs, high levels of automation and convenience for users.