Circuit tester

The circuit tester Mayak is intended to automate the quality control process and check the integrity of the wiring (harnesses, wires, cables, boards) - collect, process and analyse the information, register the protocol based on the control results.


  • portable tester with a maximum number of channels up to 512;
  • acceleration of results receipt upon product control at a high speed.
  • improvement of the control quality by eliminating the influence of the human factor on the control results.
  • entirely a domestic development.

Functional capabilities

  • automatic creation of a "circuit description" file for a model object (harness, wire, cable, board);
  • comparison of the tested object with the model;
  • monitoring the integrity of the circuit;
  • monitoring the absence of false circuits (short circuit);
  • testing of circuits with diodes;
  • creation of configurable protocols in formats: *.html, *.pdf;
  • self-diagnosis system.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Value
Test voltage 5/12 V
Test current per channel 20 mA
Maximum number of low voltage switches 4
Maximum number of channels 512
Information exchange interfaces
USB 2.0 (Type B) x 1
Ethernet x 1
Peripheral interface USB 2.0 (type А) x 3
Video interface HDMI
CPU frequency 1,2 GHz
Power consumption 100 W
Supply voltage 220 V (50 Hz)
Dimensions 120 x 270 x 290 mm