Wire Harness Tester

Wire harness tester 4Rem is a series of new generation of Russian systems developed and produced by our company for controlling and testing cables and harnesses, which meets all modern requirements of leading Russian and foreign enterprises. Our systems substantially automate the process of quality control of electrical tests and the integrity of electrical cable installation.


4Rem provides the user with full information about the technical condition of cables and the correctness of their production. The importance of such testing is relevant in many industries, where errors in cabling can lead to irreparable consequences.

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Application significance

Nowadays in the industry it is impossible to use cables that have not undergone tests and technical control. Like most electronic components, cables, wires and harnesses can have various defects: short circuit, lack of contact with the wire, etc. Defects are often caused by geometrical changes of the harness due to temperature drops, mechanical vibration, bends. As a result, the product stops working properly, which can ultimately lead to complete equipment failure. A thorough and most complete test involves the usage of special equipment, which allows detecting the defect by using non-destructive testing methods.

The wire installation tester is capable of detecting very short-term interruptions in electrical connections of cables and harnesses. Its usage in various industry branches is necessary for the production of reliable and durable hardware, when installation errors and breaks are unacceptable under any exploitation conditions.

Automated testing helps to identify product defects at the early stages of production, which will allow saving significant financial resources and possibly human lives in the future.

Exploitation of the 4Rem wire installation tester has shown that timely diagnostics and troubleshooting can significantly reduce accidents in manufactures and transportation, save repair costs and carry out scheduled technical maintenance more efficiently.


  • Modular scalable system with a maximum number of tested channels up to 171 072.
  • Acceleration of results receipt upon product control combined with high speed and accuracy.
  • Improvement of the control quality and safety by eliminating the influence of the human factor on the control results.
  • Entirely a Russian development, which may become one of the leaders in Russia and the CIS among diagnostic and testing systems of cable facilities in the near future.

Functional capabilities

  • Automatic creation of the test program for a model cable, harness.
  • Comparison of the tested cable with the model.
  • Monitoring the integrity of the circuit.
  • Monitoring the absence of false circuits (short circuit).
  • Control of losses in the circuit.
  • Control of dielectric isolation strength.
  • Measurement of circuit resistance (2-wire and 4-wire measurement).
  • Measurement of isolation resistance.


Modification Part number
Single 466369.001; 466369.002
Master 466369.001-01; 466369.002-01
Slave 466369.001-02; 466369.002-02

Technical characteristics

Parameter 466369.001 466369.002
Number of slots for high voltage switchboard 18 5
Test voltage switching up to 5 kV up to 5 kV
Maximum switching power 500 VA 500 VA
Power consumption 750 W 400 W
Supply voltage 220 V 220 V
Dimensions 440 х 532 х 277 mm 227 х 442 х 277 mm

Additional features

  • Recognition of 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Access administration to control software (administrator, engineer, operator).
  • Creation of configurable test protocols in formats: *.html, *.xls (x), *.pdf.
  • Self-diagnosis system.
  • Manual control mode and settings of switchboard lines.