Reliability and operational continuity are the main parameters expected from equipment, which is operating as part of aerospace technology. Electrical components and connections must ensure the correct functionality of the entire compound of onboard equipment and systems. All elements for power supply, signal transmission through cable connections, connectors and unifying boards are checked for even the smallest failures or damages. The usage of the wire installation tester can significantly reduce the time spent on production, simplify the set of measures during maintenance and repair works of aircrafts and spacecrafts.

Aircraft engines

The produced test equipment is used for control and testing in the assembly workshops, repair and technical maintenance of aircraft engines, which minimizes the share of manual operations during testing and inspections and eliminates the influence of the human factor when performing technological operations in the process of assembly, repair and technical maintenance.

Some types of work using the Wire harness tester

  • Engine inspection and certification
  • Repair and technical maintenance of level segments of the nozzle apparatus of the low and high pressure turbine
  • Repair and maintenance of compressors
  • Repair and maintenance of low pressure turbines
  • Repair and maintenance of external strapping of the engine and units

Aircrafts and spacecrafts

The total length of cable networks in one small civil aircraft or rocket carrier can reach 180 km. Each cable assembly must be checked for compliance with the design documentation. Customized stand solutions ensure accuracy and compliance to requirements upon inspection and testing of individual aerospace components or entire aircrafts in assembly workshops.

Equipment for testing harnesses and cables can be used at almost any stage of the aircraft life cycle

  • Development of aviation and space technology
  • Skilled and serial production of aviation and space technology
  • Tests of aviation and space technology
  • After sale maintenance of aviation equipment

The modular type of equipment construction can be configured exactly in accordance with the required parameters and characteristics for testing and exploitation. Such services as creation of test programs, technical support at the preparation and launch stages at the production line of a particular aircraft are rendered to Customers.

Compact portable circuit testers allow functional control of units directly at the assembly site.